10 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions For Older Computers

One of Linux’s biggest selling points has always been its ability to trim down and use as few resources as possible. Linux can bring old computers back from the dead and make them fully functional again with less resource intensive systems.

There are plenty of great distributions out there that aim to be as lightweight as possible, tailoring themselves to lower powered machines. This list explores ten of the best possibilities in that category.

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How to verify the integrity of a Linux distribution iso image

When we decide to install an operating system based on the Linux kernel, the first thing we do is to download its installation image, or ISO, from the official distribution website. Before proceeding with the actual installation, however, it is crucial to verify the integrity of the image, to be sure it is what it claims to be, and nobody has compromised it. In this tutorial we will see the basic steps we can follow to accomplish this task.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • What is the basic difference between gpg encrypting and signing
  • How to download and import a gpg public key from a key server
  • How to verify a gpg signature
  • How to verify the checksum of an ISO

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Puppy Linux desktop

Puppy Linux Download

Puppy Linux specializes in being a super lightweight desktop distribution with user friendly features. The entire operating system only weighs in at about 300 MB and its system requirements are incredibly small.

It’s a great distro for restoring an old computer or providing a simple interface to casual PC users. For other most popular Linux distributions please visit our dedicated linux download page.

Puppy is simple and straight forward, similar to Ubuntu and Linux Mint in this regard. However, it comes with far fewer packages and leaves a much smaller footprint. Other distributions feel bloated when contrasted with Puppy.

Puppy Linux is more accurately defined as a collection of distributions. There are multiple “puppies” available for download, including versions based on Slackware, Ubuntu, and Raspbian. That’s what has been officially released, but there are a slew of community “remasters” available as well, called “puplets”. As you can see, Puppy likes to coin a lot of their own terms.

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