Linux Tutorials

This LinuxConfig’s page offers a range of tutorials for Linux users and Linux professionals. The focus of the following tutorials is mainly on the beginner user but also on programming and scripting on the Linux operating system and Linux administration.


Introduction to Linux Distributions

Choosing a Linux distribution can be one of the most difficult things for a Linux user. There are so many excellent options, and they all have their own unique strong suits.

In this tutorial, we will consider a number of questions that you can ask yourself when choosing a Linux distribution that fits around that sweet spot of what you want and need.

Linux Download

In this tutorial, we’ll cover and compare some of the most popular Linux distributions. We will show you how to download various Linux distros by directing you to their official download sites.

Some of the Linux distributions we consider are Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Manjaro and more.

Ubuntu 20.04 Tutorial

This Ubuntu 20.04 guide introduces the new Ubuntu 20.04 and explains how to get this operating system and how to install it on your computer. It also provides you with comprehensive instructions on how to use Ubuntu 20.04.

We also provide you with some useful Ubuntu 20.04 tricks and discuss using Ubuntu 20.04 on such devices as Android smartphone and Raspberry Pi.

Manjaro Linux Beginner’s Guide

Once you’ve decided to download Manjaro and see what all the rage is about, we’ve got you covered in this beginner’s guide, which will provide you with an introduction to the operating system and show you the first things to do once you’ve booted into Manjaro.

If you’re just looking to give Manjaro a test run, you can always install Manjaro in a virtual machine or create a dual boot system.

Linux Troubleshooting Guide

In this guide, our goal is to learn about the tools and environment provided by a typical GNU/Linux system to be able to start troubleshooting even on an unknown machine.

To do so, we will go through two simple example issues: we will solve a desktop and server side problem.


Linux Command Line Tutorial

This tutorial is about going step-by-step to get you, the Linux user, proficient at the command-line.

The distribution chosen for this is Ubuntu, but these commands that are about to be exposed will work on any other Linux system you might encounter.

You are only required to have a minimal Linux knowledge base for this tutorial, so get to your terminals and let’s start.

Linux Commands

Are you a beginner GNU/Linux user and wish to look beyond the usual window dragging and mouse clicking? This tutorial is intended for the absolute beginner users wishing to learn the basics of GNU/Linux command line.

This tutorial intends to walk through basic Linux commands related to navigation, file and directory administration, software installation and basic system troubleshooting.

Linux Commands Reference List

This tutorial lists various practical Linux commands to be used only as a reference guide and by experienced Linux users. Not all Linux commands will be available on your system by default so consider installing a relevant package before use. This Practical Guide to Linux Commands may list Linux commands you already know but cannot remember the usage syntax as well as it may introduce some new Linux commands to improve your Linux command line efficiency.


Bash Scripting for Beginners

This tutorial is recommended for Bash beginners as well as beginners to scripting in general.

The tutorial starts with explaining what is Bash and what is scripting.
Then it discusses permissions and filenames followed by a simple example of a Bash script. After that it guides the reader through concepts of variables and functions, creating loops and Bash arithmetic.

Bash Scripting Tutorial

This tutorial is recommended for someone who wants to quickly get some insight into Bash scripting.

You will preferably have previous programming or scripting knowledge and will be interested in extending your knowledge in the area of Bash scripting.

This tutorial will give you an overview of the most important Bash concepts.

Bash Command Line Tips and Tricks

The Bash command line provides nearly limitless power when it comes to executing nearly anything you want to do. Whether it is processing a set of files, editing a set of documents, handling big data, managing a system or automating a routine, Bash can do it all.

This tutorial is sure to arm you with the tools and methods you need to become a much more proficient Bash user.


Python Fundamentals

This guide was written with first-time programmers in mind. Only the basics are covered, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do anything interesting.

You will learn the fundamentals of both programming and Python simultaneously; getting you up to speed with the world of free and open source programming as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Advanced Python Concepts

This tutorial covers advanced python concepts such as Python classes, constructors, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and creating Python packages and modules.

It is recommended to intermediate Python programmers. Therefore, if you do not have any prior Python knowledge we refer you to our Python Fundamentals Tutorial.

eBay APIs with Python Tutorial

Ebay is one of the biggest e-commerce sites, used by millions of people to buy or sell items worldwide.

The Ebay APIs make us able to programmatically perform a lot of operations like managing our online store or finding and comparing prices.

In this series of articles we will see how to perform API calls using python and the official Ebay python SDK.


C Programming Tutorial

This series of articles is dedicated to development on Linux systems.

This tutorial focuses on C programming and covers such concepts as types, operators and variables, flow control, functions, pointers and arrays, structures, basic I/O, coding style and building a program as well as packaging for Debian and Fedora or getting a package in the official Debian repository.

Kali Linux Burp Suite Tutorial

When it comes to testing the security of web applications, you’d have a hard time finding a set of tools better than Burp Suite from Portswigger web security.

This tutorial covers setting up Burp Suite and using it as a proxy for Firefox, how to gather information and use the Burp Suite proxy, a realistic testing scenario using information gathered through the Burp Suite proxy and many of the other features that Burp Suite has to offer.

WINE Tutorial

This series of guides will walk you through the tools that WINE provides for getting your Windows programs working on Linux. This WINE tutorial starts off with the basics and installation of WINE and progress through configuration tools like winecfg and winetricks.

You will be able to create application specific configurations and use different WINE prefixes as well as being able to install Windows dlls.