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About LinuxConfig.org

LinuxConfig is a premier online resource of GNU/Linux tutorials for end users and system administrators alike. Born from humble beginnings in 2007, LinuxConfig has published thousands of articles to provide readers with helpful documentation. Our hope is to promote free and open source technology by showing you how to use it and why it’s so great.

Our team of experts strive to make GNU/Linux more accessible for readers by providing step by step instructions, in-depth guides, tips, and tricks. We also cover the latest developments in the Linux world, so you can stay on top of what’s new.

The LinuxConfig Team

Lubos Rendek

Founder & Author & System Administrator

Lubos kicked off his GNU/Linux exploration endeavour by installing RedHat Cartman 6.1 in 1999. In 2007, he founded LinuxConfig.org with the sole purpose to provide concise and straightforward documentation to all GNU/Linux newcomers and thus, providing support to Free and Open Source software to strengthen its foothold among the ever-present proprietary ecosystem. Lubos has a wide range of FLOSS technical skills. His favorite distribution is Debian GNU/Linux. He loves to spend time in nature as a hobby, whether bush-walking or swimming in the ocean.

Korbin Brown


Korbin has worked with Linux for the last two decades, eventually moving from his role as a Network Administrator to work for LinuxConfig. He writes and publishes dozens of articles for LinuxConfig every month, and has worked with a variety of other publications. His favorite distros are Ubuntu and Arch Linux, although he loves to tinker with others, too. When away from his PC, he’s globetrotting and shooting photos in distant lands.

Egidio Docile

Author & Newsletter Marketing

Egidio is a Linux System Administrator and a Full Stack Developer. He made his first steps in the GNU/Linux world around ten years ago, and has written for LinuxConfig since 2017. He is a free and open source software advocate, loves minimalism, and his favorite Linux distributions are Fedora and Arch Linux. In his free time, he loves running, reading and listening to his favorite heavy metal bands.

Thomas Sandmann

Author & Forum Moderator

Thomas is a System Engineer, primarily working on enterprise grade systems. He’s always using Open Source building blocks, be it an operating system, database, or application. He is an explorer of the GNU/Linux world since 2010. His hobbies are reading, walks, and hacking. He has been writing for LinuxConfig since 2019. His favorite distros are Fedora family derivatives and Ubuntu.

Contact Us

We encourage you to post on the LinuxConfig Forum with your technical questions. This is where you can easily get in contact with us, and we can resolve your GNU/Linux related inquiries. We generally don’t reply in private (e.g., e-mails) so the forum is the best way to get in touch.

Join the Team

LinuxConfig is looking for authors! If you have experience with GNU/Linux and FLOSS technologies, and want to share your knowledge with the world, you can see our job posting on LinuxCareers.com. Our authors must have a few years of System Administration experience working with GNU/Linux and will be expected to keep up with technological advancement in the Linux industry.