Vim Tutorial

VIM tutorial for beginners

The Vim editor (and its predecessor, vi) is a command line editor for Linux systems. It has a long standing reputation as being the most powerful text editor on Linux. After mastering it, many users will even claim that it is far speedier and more convenient to use than a typical GUI editor packed with lots of features in its menus.

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How to manage Vim plugins natively

Vim is definitely one of the most venerated text editors in the Unix world. Although its learning curve can be pretty steep when accustomed to more traditional text editors, its usage can dramatically improve productivity. A lot of plugins are available for the editor; almost always their source code is hosted on Github or similar platforms based on Git. To manage such plugins, several third-party plugin managers were developed in time, such as Pathogen or Vim-Plug, but since version 8 of the editor, a native way to manage plugins was introduced.

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