How to install adobe flash player plugin for firefox on CentOS 7 Linux

The default installation of CentOS Linux 7 does not come with installation of adobe flash player for Firefox web browser and thus must be installed separately. To begin flash player installation first we need to include Adobe’s repository. This can be achieved by the following linux command:

# yum -y install

Confirm that Adobe repository has been included:

# yum repolist | grep -i adobe
adobe-linux-x86_64      Adobe Systems Incorporated                            2

At this stage we are ready to install adobe flash player using yum command:

# yum install flash-plugin

Once the adobe flash plugin installation complete restart your Firefox browser so the new flash plugin may take defect. To check a correctness of your installation or to check Adobe flash player version navigate your browser to

Centos 7 linux adobe flash player plugin installation for firefox