WordPress blogging content management system Docker image deployment and usage


The automated build docker WordPress blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) image “linuxconfig/wordpress” can be used to instantly deploy wordpress CMS on your docker hosts.


The wordpress CMS application runs on Debian GNU/Linux system featuring Apache web server, MariaDB ( MySQL ), database and PHP5. A new docker container based on “linuxconfig/wordpress” will expose port 80 which can be linked to the docker host port for an immediate WordPress web site access.

Configured MySQL users:passwords:

  • root:”empty password”
  • admin:”pass”

Configured MySQL databases:

  • wordpress

Exposed ports:

  • 80


Below command will download and create a new docker container called wordpress and link local host system port 80 with container’s exposed port 80.

# docker run -d --name=wordpress -p 80:80 linuxconfig/wordpress


Once you deploy the wordpress docker container you can immediately access it by using your browser and navigating to http://localhost and start wordpress installation by using the information provided above.

Additional information

Use the following linux command to update or reset MariaDB user password. The below command will set a new admin user password:

# docker exec -it wordpress mysqladmin -uadmin -ppass password abc123

To create a new database eg. wordpress2 enter:

# docker exec -it wordpress mysqladmin -uadmin -ppass create wordpress2