Sikuli installation on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Linux

Sikuli software helps a user to automate some many of the routine GUI task. It core it uses Java Runtime environment 6 and OpenCV ( Computer Vision library ) to recognize objects on the GUI desktop of acts upon instructions provided by a user to either click button or type text and etc.

This very short document describes how to install Sikuli on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Linux system.


By saying installation we mean installation of Sikuli prerequisites, download of Sikuli and Sikuli execution. There is not need to install Sikuli as it can be directly executed from its source directory.

Installing Sikuli prerequisites

List of required Sikuli dependencies:

  • OpenCV 2.0
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment 6
  • control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager ( wmctrl )

Ubuntu lucid Lynx had moved a Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 package away from a multiverse repository into proprietary repository “partner”.

Therefore if you have not done so yet add partner repository to your apt sources list:

$ sudo add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner"
$ sudo apt-get update

Now we can install all Sikuli dependencies in one go:

$ sudo apt-get install wmctrl libcv4 libhighgui4 libcvaux4 sun-java6-jre

Download Sikuli software

Now that all Sikuli dependencies are installed the next step is to download Sikuli software and unzip it to a directory of our choice.

$ wget

NOTE: Please check for a latest version of sikuli. Now unzip Sikuli with unzip command:

$ unzip

Start Sikuli

navigate to a unziped directory and execute script.

$ cd Sikuli-IDE/
$ ./

All done!

NOTE: No installation is required. You can start skikuli directly from its source directory.