Ubuntu 20.04 Software Version Check

If you just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 20.04, you may wish to check versions of the software available to you on this Linux system. This article provides you with the way of checking software versions of commonly used software on Ubuntu 20.04.

Additionally, it presents you with up to date latest versions of the selected Ubuntu 20.04 software before you decide to upgrade your current Ubuntu system.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • The latest version of commonly used software on Ubuntu 20.04
  • Check version of Apache2, Bash, G++, GCC, Docker, Gnome, Java, Kernel, MariaDB, MySQL, Nginx, PHP, Python, Qt and Zfs
  • How to check software version on Ubuntu 20.04.

Ubuntu 20.04 Software Version Check

Ubuntu 20.04 Software Version Check

Current Ubuntu 20.04 software versions

LAST UPDATED: 24/02/2020
Software Version Description
Apache2 2.4.41 Apache web server
Bash 5.0.11(1) GNU Bourne Again SHell
G++ 9.2.1 GNU C++ compiler
GCC 9.2.1 GNU C compiler
Docker 19.03.6 Linux container runtime
Gnome 3.34.3 graphical shell for the GNOME desktop
Java 11.0.6 Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit
Kernel 5.4.0-14 Signed kernel image
MariaDB 10.2.33 MariaDB database server binaries and system database setup
MySQL 8.0.19 MySQL database server binaries and system database setup
Nginx 1.17.8 Nginx web server
PHP 7.3.11 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language
Python 3.6.7 interactive high-level object-oriented language
Qt 5.12.5 Qt 5 development
Zfs 0.8.3 File system and logical volume manager

How to check software versions on Ubuntu 20.04 from command line

Apache version check:

$ apache2 -v

Bash version check:

$ bash --version

G++ version check:

$ g++ --version

GCC version check:

$ gcc --version

Docker version check:

$ docker --version

Gnome version check:

$ gnome-shell --version

Java version check:

$ java --version

Kernel version check:

$ uname -r

MariaDB version check:

$ mysql --version

MySQL version check:

$ mysql --version

Nginx version check:

$ nginx -v

PHP version check:

$ php -v

Python version check:

$ python --version

QT version check:

$ qmake --version

Zfs version check:

$ modinfo zfs | grep ^version