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Trisquel GNU/Linux (or “LiGNUx“) is a distribution built on 100% free software. It’s based on Ubuntu (and inherently Debian) but with all the proprietary bits stripped out or replaced with free alternatives. For other most popular Linux distributions please visit our dedicated linux download page.

Trisquel is geared towards home users, small businesses, and educational centers. It’s listed on GNU’s website as one of only a handful of operating systems that contain strictly free software. Among them, it’s one of the most popular. It’s also endorsed by the Free Software Foundation.

Trisquel’s flagship version comes with the MATE desktop environment installed. It’s similar to Ubuntu’s default GNOME environment but provides a more traditional feel and does a better job of supporting older hardware.

Trisquel LiGNUx running MATE desktop environment

Trisquel LiGNUx running MATE desktop environment

Trisquel LiGNUx Release Schedule

Trisquel is based on Ubuntu and aims to release new versions of the OS within six months of a new Ubuntu release. Like Ubuntu, long term support releases are supported for five years. After that, you’ll need to upgrade Trisquel to a newer version.

Download Trisquel LiGNUx

Trisquel has three different editions available on their download page. The main download, Trisquel is a larger ISO image featuring the MATE desktop environment and 50 preinstalled languages. Trisquel Mini is considerably smaller and has the LXDE desktop installed. Trisquel Sugar TOAST features a learning environment for children.

All of the downloads are available in both 64 and 32 bit.

Closing Thoughts

If you enjoy Ubuntu but want to support a completely free software initiative, Trisquel is the obvious choice. The developers have not compromised on functionality or convenience, yet managed to replace all proprietary and commercial aspects with free tools. All in the name of software freedom.

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