Thecus N2100 entering a Redboot boot loader command interface

If you own a Thecus 2100 NAS storage and you need to recover from some software accident you have two options. One is to use a USB serial connector or use telnet to stop booting sequence of Redboot loader. Here is how to do the second, easier option.

What you will need is:

  • PC or laptop with Ethernet card
  • your PC will preferably a running linux ( in my case I have Debian )
  • CAT5/6 Ethernet cable

Note:You need to have a Thecus Firmware version =< 2.1.05 . In my case I had 2.1.10 and it all worked perfectly.

To star first install iputils-arping and telnet packages on your PC / laptop:

# apt-get install iputils-arping telnet

Connect your PC with an Ethernet cable to your Thecus box to INTERFACE 1. Set your PC’s ip address to Let’s assume that your PC’s Ethernet card connected to Thecus 2100 is eth0:

# ifconfig eth0

Redboot sets its default IP address on Thecus 2100 to so that is the reason we had set our PS’s IP address on tha same subnet. All what needs to be done now is to execute a following linux command on your PC:

arping -f && telnet 9000

Now just simply reboot or power on your Thecus N2100 and wait. Once you see a screen similar to the one below enter CTRL+C to abort execution of a boot script.

WARNING: interface is ignored: Operation not permitted
ARPING from eth0
Unicast reply from [00:14:FD:30:16:4E]  11.605ms
Sent 16 probes (16 broadcast(s))
Received 1 response(s)
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
== Executing boot script in 2.920 seconds - enter ^C to abort