how to deploy a self-hosted vaultwarden instance

How to deploy a self-hosted Vaultwarden instance

Everyone, nowadays, has several accounts and credentials to take care of, that’s why everyone needs a decent and possibly open source password manager. When it comes to managing passwords there are many choices available on Linux: in the past, for example we talked about “pass”, a great, command line oriented, password-manager based on standard tools such as GPG and git. In this article we explore an alternative which can be the ideal solution for individuals and small organizations: Vaultwarden.

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Ansible Vault Tutorial

In previous tutorials we discussed Ansible, a great tool we can use for automation and provisioning. We talked about basic Ansible concepts, we saw some of the most used Ansible modules, how to manage variables and how to perform basic loops in playbooks; now it’s time to see how to protect sensitive information which sometimes may be needed to accomplish some tasks. In order to protect sensitive information when using Ansible, we encrypt them with Ansible Vault.

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