How to install python applications in isolated environments with pipx

How to install Python applications in isolated environments with pipx

If you are familiar with Python, you surely used pip: the Python package installer. With pip, we can install packages “globally” or in virtual environments. Virtual environments are mainly used to install dependencies of specific projects, so to develop them in isolation. We usually install packages, “globally”, instead, when want to access the utilities they provide from anywhere. By using pipx we can get the best of both approaches: we can install each application in its own virtual environment, and, at the same time, access it globally.

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How to install and use snaps on Fedora

Developed by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and originally meant to be used on the latter, the Snappy package manager is a free and open source software used to install and manage snap packages. The purpose of Snap packages, just like flatpaks, is to distribute sandboxed and self-contained applications (applications are packaged together with their dependencies).

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