how to install keepassxc on linux

How to install KeePassXC on Linux

KeePassXC is a free and open source application we can use to safely manage our passwords and sensitive data. It can store usernames, passwords, URLs, and even file attachments. Data is encrypted and stored locally, in a “kdbx” file: this is the ideal solution if we don’t want to store sensitive information in the cloud.

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how to deploy a self-hosted vaultwarden instance

How to deploy a self-hosted Vaultwarden instance

Everyone, nowadays, has several accounts and credentials to take care of, that’s why everyone needs a decent and possibly open source password manager. When it comes to managing passwords there are many choices available on Linux: in the past, for example we talked about “pass”, a great, command line oriented, password-manager based on standard tools such as GPG and git. In this article we explore an alternative which can be the ideal solution for individuals and small organizations: Vaultwarden.

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How to backup gpg keys on paper

Having a reliable backup of our GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) secret key is not optional: the key represents our identity, and loosing it could potentially be a disaster. Creating a backup of our keys and sub-keys is quite a simple thing to do using gpg, and the resulting files can be easily backed up on one or more devices. Electronic devices such USB drives or hard disks, however, tend to fail, and usually in the most inappropriate times; therefore as an extreme resort, we may want to print our keys to paper.

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