How to manage tlp graphically with tlpui

Introduction to Tlpui, a GTK frontend for Tlp

Tlp is a command line utility we can use to optimize power consumption on Linux. It provides reasonable defaults, and, at the same time, an easy to understand text-based configuration file we can use to create our own setup. An external project provides a user-friendly GTK frontend to Tlp written in Python: Tlpui.

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How to manager power profiles over dbus with power-profiles-daemon on linux

How to manage power profiles over D-Bus with power-profiles-daemon on Linux

Power-profiles-daemons is a free and open source project designed to handle system power profiles over D-Bus. The two major Linux desktop environment, GNOME and KDE Plasma, are nicely integrated with it, allowing the user to easily manage power profiles from their dedicated power manager interfaces, but it is also possible to switch profiles and retrieve information about them from the command line, using a dedicated utility.

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