How to load, unload and blacklist Linux modules

How to load, unload and blacklist Linux kernel modules

Linux kernel functionalities, such as the support for specific devices or filesystems, are organized in modules, which can be built statically into the kernel or as separated “units” which can be loaded and unloaded on request. Nowadays needed modules are automatically loaded, so we seldom need to explicit manage them. In certain situations, however, we may need to perform such actions.

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How to install and configure Starship on Linux

One of the things that make Linux-based operating systems great is the high degree of customization they offer us. We can customize and adapt (almost) everything to our needs, from the options the kernel is compiled with, to the  desktop environment. On any Linux distribution, the terminal emulator is an essential tool for power users and system administrators. Starship is a free and open source plugin written in rust we can use to customize our favorite shell prompt by using a variety of modules.

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