How to define a custom Firewalld zone

Firewalld is the default high-level firewall manager on the Red Hat family of distributions. One of its peculiarities is that it defines a series of so called firewall zones: each zone can be considered like a different level of trust and can be configured to allow traffic through a specific set of ports. While Firewalld comes with some predefined zones which can be easily examined and modified, sometimes we may want to create our custom zones from scratch.

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Introduction to Borg Backup

Borg is a very useful application we can use to create deduplicating backups on Linux. Free and open source software, it is, for the most part, written in Python and supports data compression and encryption. Thanks to the data de-duplication feature, only data which actually changes is archived, and this let us optimize both disk space and execution time. Borg is really easy to install, since it is packaged and included in the repositories of the most used Linux distributions.

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