how to disable IPv6 on linux

How to disable IPv6 on Linux

Support for the Internet Protocol version 6 is available on Linux since 1996. The kernel implements this functionality, which is usually active and enabled by default on all the major distributions, via the “ipv6” module. Sometimes, for various reasons, it may be desirable to temporarily or permanently disable IPv6 networking.

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How build grub from source on Linux

GRUB compile from source on Linux

GRUB is the acronym for GNU GRand Unified Bootloader: it is the bootloader used in practically all Linux distributions out there. Early in the boot stage, the bootloader is loaded by the machine firmware, either BIOS or UEFI (GRUB supports both of them), and it loads one of the available kernels. Being an essential software, grub is installed by default and available in the official repositories of distribution we are using;

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