rsync can be used in many ways. This small utility got its name from Remote Synchronization words. However the word remote does no have to be a remote location over the network. rsync can be also used to synchronize your camera photos with your PC's hard drive. No fancy MS windows synchornizator tools which came with your camera are nedded. Here are simple steps how to sychronize:

first find you USB device name:

# fdisk -l
# mount your USB:
# mkdir /media/camera
# mount /dev/sdb1 /media/camera/

create local directory for your photos:

$ mkdir ~/photos

synchronize your photos:

$ rsync -av /media/camera/ ~/photos

All done. Next time when you make some new pictures just repeat the the following:

# fdisk -l
# mount /dev/sdb1 /media/camera/
$ rsync -av /media/camera/ ~/photos

at this point rsync will copy only new images. This is also good way to keep a backup of you images.


-a, --archive archive mode

-v, --verbose increase verbosity

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