Sync an accurate time using ntpdate on RHEL7 Linux server

To sync a correct time on your Redhat server with a NTP publicly available time servers first you need to install ntpdate package:

[root@rhel7 ~]# yum install ntpdate

To check your current time use date command:

[root@rhel7 ~]# date
Thu Sep  4 17:20:42 WST 2014

Next, we can use timeserver to synchronize our time. This is be done with ntpdate command:

[root@rhel7 ~]# ntpdate
11 Dec 06:08:13 ntpdate[2225]: step time server offset 8426822.014383 sec

Confirm that time hase been synced correctly:

[root@rhel7 ~]# date
Thu Dec 11 06:08:16 WST 2014