I know that there is a syntax in a rtorrent config file to schedule throttle for uploads and download for rtorrent. However, no matter how hard I tried I did not work for my N2100 NAS device. The only value in regards to throttle uploads and downloads I can control is a global download_rate and upload_rate variable. So I came with a simple hack to use a crontab to stop , change config and start rtorrent. I have created two config files: one for offpeak and another for peak time. Once done edited a cron tast with
crontab -e
and add these lines:

00 7 * * * /raid/module/cfg/module.rc/RTORRENT.rc stop
01 7 * * * cp /root/rtorrent.rc_peak /raid/module/RTORRENT/system/etc/rtorrent.rc
02 7 * * * /raid/module/cfg/module.rc/RTORRENT.rc start

57 0 * * * /raid/module/cfg/module.rc/RTORRENT.rc stop
58 0 * * * cp /root/rtorrent.rc_offpeak /raid/module/RTORRENT/system/etc/rtorrent.rc
59 0 * * * /raid/module/cfg/module.rc/RTORRENT.rc start

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