Rygel – DLNA Share Media Server deployment using docker


The automated build Docker image of Rygel – DLNA Share Media Server “linuxconfig/rygel” can be used to instantly deploy DLNA Share Media Server on your docker hosts.


The docker image with the Rygel – DLNA Share Media Server runs on Debian GNU/Linux system using official pre-compiled stable packages from a Debian repository.


To deploy your Rygel DLNA Share Media Server run the following linux command. Update media file paths to point to your media files located on your host system:

# docker run -d --net=host --name=rygel -v /path/video/files:/video -v /path/music/files:/music -v /path/pictures/files:/pictures linuxconfig/rygel

The above command will automatically pull a latest rygel docker image and deploy it as daemon and docker host networking switched on. Depending on the amount of your media source files available on your host system, it may take some time before Rygel DLNA Share Media Server compiles index and appears on your clients such as TV, PS3, Xbox etc. So be patient.


In case your device DLNA client cannot discover rygel DLNA Share Media Server make sure that rygel has finished the initial media file indexation. Run the following linux command to see whether rygel is running and indexing:

# docker stats rygel
CONTAINER           CPU %               MEM USAGE/LIMIT      MEM %               NET I/O rygel 
rygel               0.00%               1.933 GiB/3.76 GiB   51.43%              0 B/0 B

If the rygel is still in the process of indexation you should see a high CPU utilization from on the output of the above command.

In case you cannot see your media files on your DLNA client device make sure that you have correct permissions set and that all files are can be located within your rygel docker container. For example the following linux command should list all your video files:

# docker exec rygel ls /video/