Quick Docker Installation on Ubuntu 24.04

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on installing Docker on Ubuntu 24.04. Docker is an open-source platform that enables developers to build, deploy, and manage applications inside containers. This tutorial is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for beginners and professionals alike to set up Docker on their Ubuntu systems efficiently.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to update package indexes on Ubuntu 24.04
  • Steps to install the Docker package
  • How to add the current user to the Docker group
  • Methods to verify and test the Docker installation
Quick Docker Installation on Ubuntu 24.04
Quick Docker Installation on Ubuntu 24.04

Installing Docker on Ubuntu 24.04 step by step

Before installing Docker, it is crucial to update the package indexes on your Ubuntu system. This step ensures that you are installing the latest version of Docker available.

  1. Updating Package Indexes: Please begin by updating the package indexes on your Ubuntu system. This process involves refreshing the list of available packages and their versions, ensuring that you are installing the latest version of Docker.
    $ sudo apt update

    This command reaches out to Ubuntu’s software repositories and updates the list of available packages, as well as their versions.

  2. Install Docker Package: After updating your package indexes, the next step is to install the Docker package.
    $ sudo apt install docker.io

    This command installs Docker from the default Ubuntu repositories. It is a straightforward and efficient way to install Docker.

  3. Add Current User to Docker Group: By default, running Docker commands requires administrator privileges. To avoid this, you can add your user to the Docker group.
    $ sudo usermod -aG docker ${USER}


    $ sudo usermod -aG docker <username>

    Replace <username> with your actual username. This step grants your user the necessary permissions to run Docker commands without needing sudo.

  4. Log Out and Log In: To apply the changes made to group memberships, log out and then log back into your system.
    Check whether the user belongs to the Docker group:

    $ id ${USER}

    This command verifies that your user has been successfully added to the Docker group.

  5. Test the Installation: Finally, test your Docker installation to ensure it was successful.
    $ docker run hello-world

    This command runs a test container in Docker that prints a message, confirming that Docker is correctly installed and operational.

    Ubuntu 24.04: Verify docker installation
    Ubuntu 24.04: Verify docker installation


By following these steps, you should have successfully installed Docker on your Ubuntu 24.04 system. This setup allows you to begin building and deploying containerized applications using Docker, a key tool in modern software development. Enjoy exploring the vast capabilities Docker offers!