How to Wake on LAN supported host over the network using Linux

How to Start/Wake on LAN hosts remotely over the network using Linux

Many PC’s today support a “Wake on LAN” feature which allows you to start your PC/Server remotely over the network. The feature must be supported by the hardware of the PC you wish to wake remotely. The tool to be used to wake up your host remotely is etherwake. Installation is simple:

# apt-get install etherwake

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Joomla content management system Docker image deployment and usage


The automated build docker Joomla content management system (CMS) image “linuxconfig/joomla” can be used to instantly deploy Joomla CMS on your docker hosts.


The Joomla CMS application runs on Debian GNU/Linux system featuring Apache web server, MariaDB ( MySQL ), database and PHP5. A new docker container based on “linuxconfig/joomla” will expose port 80 which can be linked to the docker host port for an immediate Joomla web site access and configuration.

Configured MySQL users:passwords:

  • root:”empty password”
  • admin:”pass”

Configured MySQL databases:

  • joomla

Exposed ports:

  • 80


Below command will download and create a new docker container called joomla and link local host system port 80 with container’s exposed port 80.

# docker run -d --name=joomla -p 80:80 linuxconfig/joomla

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