In order to retrieve hard-drive's firmware information using your linux system first you need to install smartmontools package which contains smartctl command. We will use this command to retrieve hard-drive firmware information. Generic installation of smartmontools package:
# apt-get install smartmontools
# yum install smartmontools

First determine what block device file belongs to your hard drive you wish to retrieve firmware information about:
]# lsscsi -g
[0:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      INTEL SSDSA2BW16 4PC1  /dev/sda   /dev/sg0
If lsscsi command is missing than install lsscsi package. Once the installation is finished use smartctl command to get firmware version of your hard drive.
# smartctl --xall /dev/sda | grep -i firmware
Firmware Version: 4PC1LE05
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