No suitable vboxnetflt module for running kernel found failed!

Today I have decided to move forward in the software evolution and use debian backports on my x60s laptop. The stable version of Debian is great and for most of my needs its satisfactory. However, but some software is just real pain to use.

Backports are great as they allows you to update or install only a single selected package so you do not need upgrade all at once. First package I installed from a backports was virtualbox 3.2.4 to replace current stable version 1.6.6. The installation went well except the virtual box would not start and produced a following error:

Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules.
Starting VirtualBox kernel modulesNo suitable vboxnetflt module for running kernel found failed!

The problem is that by upgrading virtualbox you also need to upgrade your kernel. Before you do that note that introduction of a new kernel 2.6.32 will bring some drastic changes to your system such as block device UUID wich means that some of your devices will be assigned UUIDs. So make sure that you do not do more damage than good. To get new backported kernel use a following linux command:

# apt-get install -t lenny-backports linux-image-2.6.32-bpo.5-686

In my case it all went well. No errors for virtualbox.