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MX Linux is based on Debian’s “stable” branch. It’s a conjoined effort between the antiX and now-defunct MEPIS Linux distro communities. For other most popular Linux distributions, please visit our dedicated Linux download page.

MX naturally bears some resemblance to Debian and antiX Linux distributions, but includes enough unique features to be markedly different. It brands itself as a “midweight” operating system, meaning it may not be the most ideal distro for old systems, but you certainly don’t need a high end PC to run it.

You have two different GUI choices when downloading MX, although more can be easily installed. One is KDE, but the flagship download is Xfce with Fluxbox. Keep in mind that this isn’t the usual Fluxbox window manager – MX has made their own changes to make it integrate smoothly with the operating system. Newcomers are presented with a lightning fast, minimalistic user interface that focuses on staying out of your way.

MX doesn’t include a lot of software out of the box, giving it a small footprint when compared to its ancestor or other Debian-based distros like Ubuntu. New tools are easy to install from the MX Package Installer application or APT package manager.

MX Linux Xfce desktop

MX Linux Xfce desktop

MX Linux Release Schedule

New, official releases of MX Linux come out once per year, usually in December. Point releases are released whenever necessary to patch bugs, and snapshot releases come out once a month. MX Linux’s official site warns that the release schedule is subject to change at times – a result of being based on sources (Debian, antiX, and Xfce) with their own unique release schedules.

Download MX Linux

Grab the latest ISO installer images of MX Linux from the distro’s official download page. You can use the direct link or download it as a torrent.

The Xfce/Fluxbox ISO has three different editions. One for 32 bit systems, one for 64 bit, and one for 64 bit “AHS” (Advanced Hardware Support), which is particularly for newer systems with very recent hardware. The other option is the KDE download, which is only for 64 bit AHS.

Closing Thoughts

MX Linux is a good distro for users that enjoy the conveniences of a Debian based system but find Ubuntu a bit bloated. MX only comes with what you need and lets the user install everything else. Combining this with a customized user interface makes it an ideal operating system for those that want a better way to manage their workflow.

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