mkdir [man page] - make directories



Frequently used options

-m, --mode=MODE
    set permission mode (as in chmod),
    not rwxrwxrwx - umask
-p, --parents
    no error if existing, make parent
    directories as needed 



Creating directory in the Linux environment is very simple task. Let's create directory named "dir1":

mkdir dir1 

mkdir - create directory
mkdir command can take more arguments. For example we can take two directories with only one command:

mkdir dir2 dir3 

mkdir - create two directories
mkdir command can also create entire directory tree. By using -p option mkdir will also create parent directories if required:

mkdir -p dir4/dir4.1 

mkdir - create parent directories
By default mkdir creates directory with permissions set by umask. To force mkdir to create directory with different permissions the -m option can be used. For example to create directory with [[chmod | permissions]] 744 we can issue following linux command:

mkdir -m 744 dir5 

mkdir - create directory and set permissions

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