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Manjaro is based on Arch Linux and retains the same qualities of being simple and minimalistic. Manjaro and Arch both target desktop computers, but they both cater to different types of users.

Manjaro builds on Arch by making the distro more user friendly. It’s a clean and sleek operating system, sporting much fewer packages installed by default than other distributions like Ubuntu. It’s a good choice for users concerned with speed and simplicity. For other most popular Linux distributions please visit our dedicated linux download page.

Manjaro is only available for 64 bit CPU architectures. Manjaro’s website has several editions, including “official” and “community”, which both contain a number of different supported desktop environments. Manjaro also supports ARM and has a download tailored to Raspberry Pi systems.

Manjaro running Xfce desktop environment

Manjaro running Xfce desktop environment

Manjaro Linux Release Schedule

Manjaro subscribes to the rolling release development model, meaning that updates are continuous and it’s never necessary to download a new release of Manjaro. All you need to do is keep your system up to date through the Pacman package manager and you’ll automatically have the latest version of Manjaro.

Download Manjaro Linux

Head over to Manjaro’s download page to get the latest ISO installer images. You have a few choices available, depending on the desktop environment you prefer. You can download Manjaro with Xfce, KDE Plasma, or GNOME preloaded for you.

Alternatively, Manjaro has taken a page from Arch Linux’s book and also offered a command line only version for download. This release is dubbed Manjaro-Architect and offers you a lot of customization right from the get-go, including desktop environment, default shell, what packages to install, and more. Of course, this is targeted to more experienced Linux users who already know what they want on their system.

Click on the Community and ARM edition links if you want a different desktop environment preloaded or need an edition built for ARM systems.

Closing Thoughts

Manjaro is a speedy and simple Linux distro ideal for desktop systems. It’s user friendly and more customizable than many other leading Linux distros.

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