Install The Discord on Debian 9 Stretch Linux


Discord is the favorite chat client among gamers. A few months back, an experimental “canary” release was launched for Linux. More recently, though, the availability of a stable client was announced.

Because of the popularity of Ubuntu and Debian systems, the client is available in a .deb package, making installing it on Debian Stretch super simple.

Get The Package

In order to get the package, you can either get the package from Discord’s website or use wget.

To use the wget option, cd into the directory where you want to save the package, and use wget to pull it down.

$ wget "" -O ~/Downloads/discord.deb

If you prefer the graphical route, head to Discord’s site If you’re on you Debian machine, you will be presented with a screen prompting you to either “Download for Linux” or “Open Discord in your browser.” Click “Download,” and you will be presented with options for .deb and .tar.gz. Since you’re on Debian, pick the .deb.

The package will install in the download directory that you designated for your browser.


Whichever route you took to get here, you now have a Discord .deb in your Download folder. Before you install it, there is one more package that you need and that is gdebi-core. Then, you can use gdebi as root to install Discord.

# apt install gdebi-core
$ cd ~/Downloads
# gdebi discord.deb

Discord running on Debian Stretch


That it! You now have the most popular gaming chat client installed on your Debian Stretch system. Updating should be relatively easy going forward; just repeat this process. Hopefully, in the future, they will make a repo.