How to run your own local private Docker registry

In this config we will show how to run a local Docker registry on a local network. We assume that the host which will run Docker registry has the Docker already installed and can be accessed either via hostname or IP address. Alternatively, you can run your local Docker registry on a local system using or localhost In our scenario we will run docker on host: linuxconfig.docker.local. Let’s start by running a Docker registry container on linuxconfig.docker.local host:

# docker run -d -p 5000:5000 registry

Next from a client host, use docker command to obtain an IMAGE-ID of the docker image you wish to push to your local repository:

# docker images

Take a note of the IMAGE ID eg. 41b730702607. Now that we have an IMAGE ID of the docker image we would like to upload to our own local docker registry we can use docker tag command to tag this image for an upload:

# docker tag 41b730702607 linuxconfig.docker.local:5000/debian:8

Once we have tagged our image we can use docker push command to upload it our local docker registry:

# docker push linuxconfig.docker.local:5000/debian:8
The push refers to a repository [linuxconfig.docker.local:5000/debian] (len: 1)
Sending image list
Pushing repository linuxconfig.docker.local:5000/debian (1 tags)
3cb35ae859e7: Image successfully pushed 
41b730702607: Image successfully pushed 
Pushing tag for rev [41b730702607] on {http://linuxconfig.docker.local:5000/v1/repositories/debian/tags/8}

Lastly, search your local Docker registry to confirm a correct upload:

# docker search linuxconfig.docker.local:5000/debian