How to list all files installed by RPM package

The easiest way to locate all files installed from RPM package on your system is to check a RPM package manifest which shows all files and location for any particular RPM package. Let’s say that I downloaded a telnet-server-1.2-137.1.i586.rpm RPM package from some online source and I wish to see what this package contains and what files will be installed into the system. The following linux command will reveal all that information:

# rpm -qlp telnet-server-1.2-137.1.i586.rpm

RPM options used:

  • -q : this is a general rpm query
  • -l : list package content
  • -p : package name

In case you are about to use yum package manager to install a package from a fedora package repository you can do the same but omit -p option. For example:

# yum search telnet

returns a line:

telnet.i686 : The client program for the Telnet remote login protocol

To check a content of the RPM package before installation you can do:

# rpm -ql telnet

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