How to install usb-creator on Ubuntu Linux

This article will describe an USB-Creator installation procedure on Ubuntu Linux. USB-Creator allows you to create a bootable USB key from Ubuntu CD or ISO image. First, we need to install all pre-requisites in order to build USB-Creator package. Once we have successfully build USB-creator packages we use dpkg command to install all USB-Creator on the system.

Let’s start by pre-requisites installation:

# apt-get update
# apt-get install bzr pbuilder debhelper dh-translations python3-distutils-extra pkg-kde-tools

Now download a current development code from “brz” revision control system:

# bzr branch lp:usb-creator usb-creator.trunk

Navigate to USB-Creator’s source code directory:

# cd usb-creator.trunk/

In the next step we are going to build USB-Creator installation packages:

# debuild -uc -us

Install USB-Creator package using dpkg:

# dpkg -i ../usb-creator*.deb

In case you get a dependency error:

Errors were encountered while processing:

use the following linux command to fix the issue:

# apt-get install -f

To start USB-Creator run:

$ sudo usb-creator-gtk
$ sudo usb-creator-kde