How to install and verify Electrum Litecoin wallet on Linux


The objective is to download, verify and install Electrum Litecoin wallet on Linux

Operating System and Software Versions

  • Operating System: – Debian 9.3 or later
  • Software: – Electrum-LTC- or later


Privileged root access will be required to perform the installation.




  • # – requires given linux commands to be executed with root privileges either directly as a root user or by use of sudo command
  • $ – requires given linux commands to be executed as a regular non-privileged user


Download Electrum Litecoin Wallet

First, we need to download the latest Electrum Litecoin wallet along with a verification signature. The current version at the day of writing is Electrum-LTC Visit to check for a latest Electrum-LTC version and amend the below installation procedure appropriately to reflect your downloaded source code version:

$ wget

Verify Electrum-LTC’s downloaded source code

At this stage, we are ready to verify Electrum-LTC’s source code. The source code is signed by pooler Let’s import a relevant key signature:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys CAE1092AD3553FFD21C05DE36FC4C9F7F1BE8FEA
gpg: key 6FC4C9F7F1BE8FEA: public key "pooler " imported
gpg: no ultimately trusted keys found
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1

Confirm a correct key import as per LINE 2. Once the key has been imported it is time to perform the verification:

$ gpg --verify Electrum-LTC- Electrum-LTC-
gpg: Signature made Fri 18 Aug 2017 03:59:17 AEST
gpg:                using RSA key CAE1092AD3553FFD21C05DE36FC4C9F7F1BE8FEA
gpg: Good signature from "pooler " [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: CAE1 092A D355 3FFD 21C0  5DE3 6FC4 C9F7 F1BE 8FEA

Note gpg: Good signature on Line 4. All seems to be in order!

Install Electrum-LTC

To install Electrum-LTC bitcoin wallet, we start with the installation of all prerequisites:

# apt-get install python-qt4 python-pip python-dev

And finally, install Electrum Litecoin wallet using the bellow command:

# pip2 install Electrum-LTC-

Start Electrum Litecon Wallet

Electrum Litecoin wallet is now installed. You can start it from your start menu by clicking on the Electrum Litecoin wallet is now installed. Start it by executing electrum-ltc command from your terminal:

$ electrum-ltc

Navigate to the following page to learn how to create a Litecoin offline/paper wallet.



Error missing dirmngr can be resolved by installation of dirmngr package:

# apt install dirmngr

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