How to initialize a git repository with Github

The below text contains a necessary commands on how to initialize a git repository with Github. Here we assume that you have created a new repository using your Github account and now you wish to push your project files into this new Github repository. In order tu push your files to a new Github repository we need to initialize it our new repository locally.

First, navigate to your project directory containing all files:

$ cd /my/project/directory

Then, initialize git:

$ git init

This will create a .git directory and you next ready to add remote origin. This will be the URL provided to you on Github repository page. eg. Use your link to add remote origin:

$ git remote add origin

Perform a initial pull as there may already be some files such as License or README to merge:

# git pull -u origin master

Now, we are ready to add, commit and push our project files:

$ git add *
$ git commit -m 'Initial commit'
$ git push -u origin master