How to check Local and External IP address on Kali Linux


The following article will illustrate some of the common ways on how to determine a local and public IP address on Kali Linux.

External IP Address

Using WEB Browser

Perhaps the simplest way on how to determine your Local and Public IP address is by using your web browser. Follow this link to view your Local and Public IP address instantly on your web browser. This page was specifically created for the purpose to promptly help our readers with this kind information.

Using Command Line

wget and curl commands can be also used to discover your external IP address. Open up a terminal by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting the Open Terminal menu. Execute the following linux commands to retrieve your external WAN IP address:

# echo $(wget -qO -
# echo $(curl -s

Internal IP Address

Checking GUI Network Settings

The first method on how to find your local IP address on Kali Linux is by reviewing your network settings using a Graphical User Interface. The process on how you navigate to network settings is largely dependent on your desktop’s GUI configuration.

In case you are using a default Kali Linux desktop configuration, simply left-click on the top right network icon or power button. From there, click on tools button which will open up a settings window. On the All Settings window find and double click on the “network” icon.

This will display your internal IP address allocated to your network card along side with DNS and gateway configuration.

Check the IP address using network setting window on Kali Linux

Using ip or ifconfig commands

Probably to most common and perhaps even recommended way on how to list your internal IP address is by use of ip and ifconfig commands. Right-click on your desktop and select an “Open Terminal” menu to initiate a new terminal session. The following two commands will list all your internal IP addresses:

# ifconfig | grep -w inet | awk '{ print $2}'
# ip a s | grep -w inet | awk '{ print $2}'

Check the IP address using ip and ifconfig commands on Kali Linux