How to add ISO image storage repository on XenServer Linux

This config wil examplain how to add new ISO image store on XenServer Linux.

Access XenServer via SSH

First step is to gain an administrative access to your XenServer via ssh.

[root@xenserver ~]#

Create a store directory

In next step we will create a new store directory. The location of the store directory is irrelevant so feel free to use any location you see fit:

# mkdir /var/opt/ISO_IMAGES

Copy your ISO images to /var/opt/ISO_IMAGES or download them directly with wget command. For example:

# cd /var/opt/ISO_IMAGES
]# wget

Create storage repository

Now, its time to create/register our new storage repository with XenServer:

# xe sr-create name-label=ISO_IMAGES_LOCAL type=iso device-config:location=/var/opt/ISO_IMAGES device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso

The output of the above command will be UUID of the new XenServer storage repository eg. 970317f9-3187-b5e0-1ea5-16666fdf3348

The new storage repository was created. To list your XenServer storage repository run:

# xe sr-list
uuid ( RO)                : 970317f9-3187-b5e0-1ea5-16666fdf3348
          name-label ( RW): ISO_IMAGES_LOCAL
    name-description ( RW): 
                host ( RO): xenserver
                type ( RO): iso
        content-type ( RO): iso


# xe pbd-list sr-uuid=970317f9-3187-b5e0-1ea5-16666fdf3348
uuid ( RO)                  : 86ffd533-5f3e-012a-280f-964e6a2b8c55
             host-uuid ( RO): b9ecac0f-79ac-45f9-afd5-2228bf53df06
               sr-uuid ( RO): 970317f9-3187-b5e0-1ea5-16666fdf3348
         device-config (MRO): location: /var/opt/ISO_IMAGES; legacy_mode: true
    currently-attached ( RO): true

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