How to access and print command line arguments with Python

The following is an example on how to pass and access command line arguments which a Python script. Save the following python script to a file eg.

from sys import argv

name, first, second, third, fourth = argv

print "Script name is:", name
print "Your first argument is:", first
print "Your second argument is:", second
print "Your third argument is:", third
print "Your fourth argument is:", fourth

# Alternatively we can access "argv" argument list directly using range. For exmaple:

# Print all arguments except script name
print argv[1:]

# Print second argument
print argv[2]

# Print second and third argument
print argv[2:4]

# Print last argument
print argv[-1]

The above script will produce a following output if four command line arguments are supplied upon its execution:

$ python one two three four
Script name is:
Your first argument is: one
Your second argument is: two
Your third argument is: three
Your fourth argument is: four
['one', 'two', 'three', 'four']
['two', 'three']

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