If you wish to download files from a hotfile.com ( file hosting ) using wget you need to have three things:

  • hotfile premium account
  • hotfile direct downloads enabled in you hotfile profile
  • OS with a wget command

Once you have all of the above, create a following bash script and insert your hotfile authentication credentials:


MYUSERNAME=<your hotfile username here>
MYPASS=<your password here>

wget -q --save-cookies .hotfile-cookie --post-data \
-O - http://www.hotfile.com/login.php
> /dev/null for i in$(cat$1); do wget -c --load-cookies .hotfile-cookie $i done rm .hotfile-cookie

The above script accepts a single argument and that is a file with all URLs you wish to download. One URL per line ! Make the script executable:

$ chmod +x hotfile-direct-download.sh

Execute the script and supply a single argument with all URLs to download:

$ ./hotfile-direct-download.sh URLs.txt

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