By default a Fedora Linux does not support playing MP3 files. The same must then apply also for an Amarok music player. To enable MP3 support a user needs to install non-free codec. First add rmpfusion repositories:

NOTE: the command below will enable both free and non-free rmpfusion repositories

$ su -c 'yum localinstall --nogpgcheck \ \'

Once you have included rpmfusion repositories navigate to:

Amarok -> Settings -> Configure Amarok -> Playback -> Configure Phonon -> Backend (tab ) .

Clicking on the backend tab you should see what sound system you are using. In case you are using Xine add MP3 supprot by installing a xine-lib-extras-freeworld package:

# yum install xine-lib-extras-freeworld

For those using GStreamer enable Amarok MP3 support by installing a gstreamer-plugins-ugly

# yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly

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