Discord is the favorite chat client among gamers. A few months back, an experimental "canary" release was launched for Linux. More recently, though, the availability of a stable client was announced.

Because of the popularity of Ubuntu and Debian systems, the client is available in a .deb package, making installing it on Debian Stretch super simple.

Get The Package

In order to get the package, you can either get the package from Discord's website or use wget. To use the wget option, cd into the directory where you want to save the package, and use wget to pull it down.


Ruby on Rails is the web framework that revolutionized web development a few years ago and powers many of the hottest start-ups today. It allows developers to rapidly develop working prototypes and even full sites without having to reinvent the wheel or worry about loads of configuration.

Ruby runs best on Unix-like systems, making Linux an excellent choice for developing for Rails. Debian Stretch comes loaded with up-to-date version of Ruby and Rails as well as providing support for the popular RVM Ruby manager.

Installing Ruby and Rails

There are two basic ways to install Ruby and Rails on Debian Stretch. The first is to use RVM(Ruby Version Manager). It allows you to change and select any current version of Ruby and compartmentalize installs.

The other option is to use the packages in the Debian repositories. They are stable and kept relatively current. They also can be used system wide.


The LAMP server is the cornerstone of Linux web hosting. In the early days of dynamic web content LAMP was what won Linux the crown in the web space, and it still is responsible for powering a very large portion of the Internet's sites.

If you're looking to set up a LAMP stack to host your website, it'd be hard to find a better option to build it on than Debian Stretch. Debian is, after all, well known for its stability, security, and massive package repositories, and Stretch is certainly no exception.


The Cloud can be a great thing. It can also be a terrifying Orwellian nightmare where some faceless corporate entity has every picture you've ever taken of your family. To prevent the latter, there's Nextcloud.

You many have heard of Owncloud. It was the primary solution for open source self hosted cloud storage for quite some time. Unfortunately, due to internal struggles, Owncloud split. Owncloud still remains, but it is currently owned by the people that caused the split. Nextcloud, on the other hand, is run by the original founder and the people who wanted to continue to work with the open source community.

Before you start the Nextcloud install process, you should follow our other guide on setting up a LAMP server on Debian Stretch. Nextcloud is a PHP application that utilizes a database and works best when paired with Apache. Having a LAMP server set up will be the best starting point.


The following Spotify setup procedure outlines installation steps as provided by Nonetheless, may you encounter some difficulties along the way of the Spotify installation on Debian Stretch, read the appendix below to resolve them.


Privileged access to your Debian Stretch system is required.




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