cal - displays a calendar and the date of easter


cal [-3jmy] [[month] year] 

Frequently used options

-3      Print the previous month, the current month,
and the next month all on one row.


The cal command without any options displays a current month in the current year:

$ cal 

cal command to display current month
If we would like to see month November in 2009:

$ cal 11 2009 

use cal command to display specifig month
How about to see all months of year 2010:

$ cal 2010 

use cal command to display specifig year
cal command is also able to predict very distant future, not sure if any of us will ever need it for our personal diary needs, but here is month Jun for year 10001, so make sure that you do not miss your appointment !:

$ cal 6 10001 

use cal command to show future calendar
You are also able to instruct a cal command to display one month before and after September 2007 :

$ cal -3 9 2007 

Display one months before and after

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