Do you need a GUI to be able to create and burn your favorite music tracks on a standard audio CD which then can be used by any CD player? The answer is no ! GUI is for losers ! Right? :-) Let's see how hard it is to burn an audio CD with a cdrecord linux command. What is needed:

  • CD burner - audio files in mp3, ogg, acc or wav format
  • cdrecord
  • ffmpeg
  • normalize-audio

Install all prerequisites:

# apt-get install cdrecord ffmpeg normalize-audio libavcodec52

In our scenario we have a selection of MP3 and OGG files from different albums stored in a single directory called burn:

ls ~/burn/
03.Come As You Are.mp3  
07 - Crystal Mountain.mp3 
09-We Who Are Not as Others.mp3

Since all files are taken from a different locations / albums the chance that they all have a different volume settings is very high. To make them volume uniform we use a normalize-audio command. Normalize normally works only on wav files so first we need to convert all files to wav.

NOTE: if names of your files contain a space use this command to replace space with _:

$ for f in *; do mv "$f" `echo $f | tr ' ' '_'`; done

Convert all files to wav format:

$ for i in $( ls ); do ffmpeg -i $i $i.wav; done

The following step can be omitted but it is recommend to normalize-audio all files to equalize sound volumes:

NOTE:use normalize-mp3 ornormalize-ogg to normalize non-wav audio files

$ normalize-audio -m *.wav


Computing levels...
 Lemuria_-_05_-_Le 100% done, ETA 00:00:00 (batch 100% done, ETA 00:00:00)
Applying adjustment of 4.15dB to 03.Come_As_You_Are.mp3.wav...
 03.Come_As_You_Ar 100% done, ETA 00:00:00 (batch  22% done, ETA 00:00:00)
Applying adjustment of -0.91dB to 07_-_Crystal_Mountain.mp3.wav...
 07_-_Crystal_Moun 100% done, ETA 00:00:00 (batch  52% done, ETA 00:00:01)
Applying adjustment of -0.82dB to 09-We_Who_Are_Not_as_Others.mp3.wav...
 09-We_Who_Are_Not 100% done, ETA 00:00:00 (batch  75% done, ETA 00:00:01)
Applying adjustment of -1.37dB to Lemuria_-_05_-_Lemuria.ogg.wav...
 Lemuria_-_05_-_Le 100% done, ETA 00:00:00 (batch 100% done, ETA 00:00:00)

We are almost there. In the next step we need to identify our CD/DVD burner block device file name:

$ wodim --devices


wodim: Overview of accessible drives (1 found) :
 0  dev='/dev/scd0'     rwrw-- : 'TSSTcorp' 'CD/DVDW SH-S183L'

take a note of the block device file path. Which in this case is /dev/scd0. As a final step we can burn all audio wav files with cdrecord.

$ cdrecord -v -nofix -eject dev='/dev/scd0' -audio -pad *.wav

All done. Your music CD is ready to use. Please not that -nofix cdrecord's option will instruct a cdrecord to not to close a CD disk session, which allows us to put more tracks on the disc if required. If you wish to close a CD session you can do it with a following linux command:

$ cdrecord -v -fix -eject dev='/dev/scd0'
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