Rar archive utility is not avaiable on Fedora linux by default. If you are i need to extract / unrar rar archive files you can use official rarlab command line tool.

First download rar utility package for linux from rarlab.com/download.htm .

Extract gzip tarball:

tar xvzf rarlinux-4.0.b6.tar.gz

move rar directory into /opt/

# mv rar /opt/

Next, we need to include rar and unrar executables into our bash shell path so we do not have to enter full path every time we want to execute it. Use your favorite text editor and add / alter a following line into your ~/.bash_profile:


Now you need to logout and login again and you should be able to extract any rar archive file with unrar executable:

$ unrar x rar-file.rar

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