1. Why donate money?

All information on is free of cost and doesn't generate any type of direct income. is a private, non-profit project and is founded solely by advertising and donations.

2. How is the money used?

The money is used to satisfy the needs of web hosting, web development and maintenance. Your donation will also help us to continue creating a high quality content in regard to the Linux operating system and thus promoting it to new or existing users. Currently, the project is at the bleeding edge of what shared web hosting can offer and therefore, any money raised will be used to pay for more reliable and faster web hosting service.

3. How much should you give?

The donations we expect to receive vary from a two dollars* / euros to a couple of hundreds. Any amount in this range is highly appreciated as it helps this project to grow and produce exceptional content.

4. What would you get from the donation?

The only reward we can offer at this point is a good feeling, our thanks and as a sign of our appreciation donor's details will be displayed on our donors page. 

* PayPal charges over 33c per transaction which is the reason why we encourage you to donate 10 dollars / euros or more.

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